Greetings From Baja!!!

We are spending a month in Mexico! We have been here since March 17th and plan to leave back to Visalia on the 20th of April. So far it has been an adventure:

– Jeremy went to Camalu (prepping for the dedication of the second campus on April 2nd)! They are working early mornings and late nights (like painting by cell phone lights late nights!) The boys and I have been praying like crazy for him, the other workers and the event! We miss him and will be joining him tomorrow!


– I made my first “states run” (going to the US to run errands). It sounded much simpler than it turned out to be! De (Heidi’s mom) assures me that one day I will be able to do it without phoning or texting every half hour with questions! Oh, and I left he boys at the daycare while I went and with Jeremy not being anywhere close it was their first time spending the day without one of us here! They lived!! Woohoo!!


– My mom and Garrett visited for a week so we tried to do some fun things, like the beach and Garretts 18th birthday celebration. It was one of many birthdays he has spent in Mexico but harder for me now that he’s an “adult”. They left by train (I managed to get them there 6 whole minutes before the train left!)


– We had our first holiday in Mexico… Easter! We cooked a full Easter meal with one 9×12 baking dish and a toaster oven! And we had guests…Nemi & Mary (the American Missionary Interns) joined us! 

– Tomorrow the boys and I venture 3 hours south to join Jeremy and the rest of the Open Arms team at our second campus in Camalu. We dedicate the facility Saturday with the OA staff and family, community, guests and future OA kiddos! This is a huge testament to God working in His people to provide, build and serve here in Mexico!

– Our days have a rhythm we have drifted into. It’s definitely a different kind of life. Simple & lovely despite the hardships and poverty. One of the moms tried to take her life last week with her children at home. I got the job of picking them up to bring them to that care while she recovered physically and mentally. Their resilience astonishes me. They smile, laugh and go on. One of the girls told me she prayed with her mom and told her God will help her. I almost asked if she would pray for me: her faith was a light! 
– One of the boys in the daycare is harassing my boys. They have been turning the other cheek and trying to be sensitive to him acting out, but they are almost fed up. Pray for the little boy: his home life is so bad it shows through his relationships and aggression. Pray for my boys that Gods love would be bigger than their natural reactions.
– We have done everything from construction, office work, working with groups and taking trash to the dump to cleaning the dorms, painting and electrical work! And sometimes we hold sweet little babies!!!

Thank you for your prayers! With God they get us through the trying moments and days. 
Our Hope Is In Him!


One thought on “Greetings From Baja!!!”

  1. You’re doing a fantastic job and you hv guts like no other. Hang in there it gets easier. Remind me too take you too Tijuana and show you how to get around especially when your main road is blocked off for construction. I’ll show you the fish market, a great farmers market and the Imax theatre. Maybe even the VIP theatre.


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