I want a quesadilla. (And other emotions.)

We have been in Mexico one month and four days, but who’s counting!! We were so happy to have family and friends come down when we moved to help haul & set up everything we needed before groups started arriving. 

It’s hard to write about what this month has been like because it’s been high up and way down and crazy busy all wrapped up in a little mess of a bundle that is our family, our life in Mexico.

We have managed to get through our first Father’s Day where Jeremy wasn’t with all of the kids & his birthday (the first in many years we were not at my parents pool surrounded by friends & family.) Those two days were a blow, although no one would have picked up on it. However, I’ve been married to this man of mine for 16 years and I could tell. It was hard. It hurt. And there was nothing that could be done but to get through it. We bandaged the wound by spending these at the beach surrounded by friends (old and new), bbqing and smiling, but it wasn’t easy. So there’s that.

It isn’t all hard days, but there are hard days. Ryan had a breakdown because we had no shredded cheese for a quesadilla (full on screaming, crying breakdown), which I am almost positive had nothing to do with a quesadilla at all but rather emotions he hasn’t dealt with. Jace, poor sensitive Jace. Some days he is on His game, in his element of dolling out love, lending a hand and encouraging everyone, but other days he is a crying mess who can’t go to sleep alone. Jeremy and I are coping. With the boys and ourselves. As much as it caught me off guard, we are in transition as a couple too. I don’t know what that even really means but it feels like making a new path & a new normal…it’s a lot. So keep the prayers for our family coming. We need them. We feel them. 

The work is good. Although there is a fine line between “the work” and just life…everyday there are kids at our house for dinner, the boys are constantly playing out front with kids from the neighborhood and the daycare and the work continues long past “work hours”. Sometimes work is running errands and working on administration stuff in the office. Other times, it’s interpreting for a dental clinic and running a Scout Camp for the kids. You never know. There’s always a plan for the day but at any time (like every day) the plan changes (because it’s life) and you find yourself doing something totally different than what you planned on doing. It gets easier for my Type A personality to do this as each day goes by!  

This month collectively, we have been troop leaders, teachers, administrators, errand runners, clean up crew & go to people. Personally I have been an interpreter, cheerleader (literally I helped girls learn cheers 🙃), dance teacher aid, VBS coordinator, group host, tour guide, nurse, medical transcriptionist, food server, and chaperone. Jeremy, by my calculations has served as the head Open Arms Troop Leader for Scout Camp, activities director, Sports Coordinator, mechanic, repairman, plumber, construction worker, group host, bus driver, lifeguard and mover (of all heavy things by anyone within a two mile radius). 

So, there’s that. Want to pray for us? Please pray about Jace and Ryan’s school for this fall. I’m considering options (aka freaking out about their reading and costs of great curriculums) and pray that Jeremy and I would find our groove as a couple here. Oh! We’re only half funded. If you can throw in a prayer for that – it would be much appreciated!!!!

We are so grateful for every prayer, every dollar and every opportunity to share Jesus through our lives!!

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