Bye Felicia.

At first I thought I would be saying this today, but it turns out I’m on the receiving end of this phrase. Let me go back to explain…

Before homeschool started this year Jeremy and I talked {at great length} about our options for school now that we are in Mexico. We talked about the bilingual school in Rosarito (too expensive), continuing homeschool and the boys going to a public Mexican school. Jace was happy to go with the flow and continue homeschooling. Ryan begged to go to Mexican school. Looking back I’m not actually sure why we just went ahead with homeschooling- I faintly remember phrases like “keeping them together” and “learning more Spanish first” being part of the conversation. 

Fast forward to two days ago. The first day of school for everyone in our parts. (Home) School itself was great, Ryan was rough. Day #2: Jeremy witnesses the full assault of a homeschool day gone bad in every way. Bad on my part for reacting like a wild person & bad on Ryan’s part for being less than outstanding {confrontational, mouthy and flat out rude}! Jeremy, bless his heart, was like, “I don’t know how you do this. Maybe Mexican school would be better.” I’m instantly reminded of the conversations we had before starting school. Ryan’s response, “Yes! This is what I want!!”

We went to the Bodega, sized him for a uniform and called to meet with the school Director. This morning, Jeremy, Panchita (the Open Arms Psychologist – who deals with the schools daily) and I went to the school with Ryan (in full Mexican school uniform). The smile on his face was beaming! His eyes were saying, “Bye, Felicia!” {I might or might not have sent a few memes to very close, non-judgmental friends with this exact phrase!}

Within 10 minutes, Ryan was in his class, sitting front row and smiling from ear to ear! It was surreal: there was no long list of forms to be completed, no waivers to be signed and it was basically the opposite of every school in the U.S. For example, we needed to get him a desk. Yes, a desk. A school desk, for him to sit in…because they didn’t have one. And the fact that, you know, they only speak Spanish. (Although his teacher speaks a little English and one other boy in his class speaks a lot!) He goes to school Monday through Friday (if the teacher shows up and it’s not raining…yes, seriously!) from 8am to Noon. He will ride the bus from school to the daycare in the mornings and afternoons. The school is 5 minutes from the daycare, all the friends he has at the daycare go to this school  and that’s good – for me! 

At home, we will continue reading and math instruction. Jace will have full homeschool for now. Although he did come up to the office to tell me he is considering attending the Mexivan school too. Lord, help me! 

Jace’s face says it all (he was upset all morning that Ryan left for school!

As I write this, Ryan has finished his “Mexican homework”, told anyone who will listen that he’s going to the Mexican school and asked to wear his uniform everywhere (dinner, the store, back to the daycare…every.where.) Can I be honest? I do not know if this is THE best thing for him, I don’t know if it will cause problems for him mentally or physically and I don’t know if it’s forever. I do know that I wish I had been as brave as he is for my whole life. I know that not all kids get this experience. I know that God made him {every part of him} and He has a plan for His life. 

Panchita and Ryan (ABOVE) after his first day:)

With that said, I pray every day I don’t mess it up. Can you pray with me?


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