My 3rd “First Day” of School

You guys. I’m serious. In less than a month I’ve had 3 “first days of school”. THREE. Let me break it down: first day of homeschool, first day of Ryan in local Mexican school and now, the boys’ first day of bilingual school. THREE FIRST DAYS. 


As you can tell from the picture, homeschool was a bust. It’s just not a good fit here. For the kids, for me…it just wasn’t the best thing. Then Ryan went to the local Mexican school. This was basically just language emersion and he understood nothing – there was a kid who did all of his homework for him before he came home. And we still had to do reading instruction and math after school. It was draining and while he was picking up Spanish he was picking up some not so stellar things too. And that has led us to our 3rd first day of school in as many weeks.

After Ryan went to school, Jace became very secluded. He builds relationships through communication (Ryan through play) and he was spending a lot of time alone and at home because he is unable to express himself in Spanish. He came to me one day and shared how he felt and we started to pray. I asked a few of my friends here what options are available. (The most popular bilingual school is like $350/month per child…ain’t no body got money for that!) One of my friends suggested a bilingual school that her sisters kids go to. It’s 25 minutes one way, 8a to 2p and is taught in English and Spanish with a bilingual staff. After visiting and taking Jace we decided to go for it!

During the discussion of how we would make this work for Jace (how we would pay the $100/month and gas for back and forth)…some of Ryans insecurities surfaced. For his privacy I’m not going to share but I will say, I know without a doubt that we couldn’t send Jace to the bilingual school and leave Ryan in Mexican public school. Hence…our third “first day” of school.

The bilingual Mexican school is a great fit for our family. Almost everyone speaks English so it allows Jeremy to be fully involved. The boys are being taught to read and write in Spanish in addition to communicating. They have made friends! (This has been a huge issue for Jace. And a source of heartbreak, quite frankly, for me.) There are only 8 kids in Jace’s class and 10 in Ryan’s. So that’s GREAT!

The not so great (if I can just be real): the homework I don’t understand and they can’t explain, the fits that are thrown because they are not used to being in school all day and  coming home to do homework, the 40 minutes twice a day of driving and the mental stress of hoping we are doing the right thing. Are you thinking that you wish you could help in some way? YOU CAN!!!

πŸ“Œ It’s $200/month plus gas for the boys. We have raised $80/month toward this. We still need help with the rest of the monthly fee: $120. Can you comitt to help  educate the boys monthly?

πŸ“Œ Pray for us. During the day as the boys are in school, while we are making the drive to and from the school and around 5p when they are doing homework.

πŸ“Œ Pray for me: as I wrote this I have two boys with homework who are crying and having total meltdowns and I want to cry too.

On a side note my new phrase of the week is, ” Animo!” It menas “cheer up!”. God help me. 


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    1. You can mail a donation to NPI PO BOX 291 Visalia, CA 93279-0291 or set up automatic monthly donations through your bank. Both of those are tax deductible. If you do not need a tax donation receipt, we have a Venmo account:)


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