It was a heart breaking privilege.

Apparently around May it’s a Mother’s Day extravaganza in Mexico. There’s Mexican Mothers Day, which was the 10th of May, but it’s the 24th of May and it still isn’t over guys! Since the 10th, when I had the day of “real” Mother’s Day, I’ve had a Mother’s Day program at the kids school (on the 12th), American Mother’s Day (on the 14th), the local schools Mother’s Day celebration (on the 16th) and we still have the daycare Mother’s Day night at the end of the month. Seriously, Mother’s Day allllll month guys.

While I was blessed to have my kids (the ones from my body- the ones of my heart were with their own Mom) & my mom with me on Mother’s Day (the American one), it hasn’t been all flowers and cards. You see, I’ve never thought of it before but there are kids who don’t get that excited feeling when asked to make cards for their mom or learn a special song. Friends, for some, this day, this month, this time of year is painful.

We have two little girls at the daycare who felt the pain. Without being too personal or over sharing, they could not celebrate Mother’s Day with their moms. This is hard, especially when their school put on a huge “to-do” focused on one-on-one time with kids and moms. 

I’m a heartfelt attempt to minimize the pain, our daycare psychologist, Franny, and I stepped in. We smiled, went to the event, let the girls paint our portraits, serve us snack, do our fingernails and we did it with great love. But, in reality it was a heart breaking privilege.

For me, maybe it was different because I’m American and I stood out like a sore thumb. Or maybe because I didn’t understand the directions to the game and had to be told three times I was doing it wrong. It was obvious: I am not the mom. I was uncomfortable but incredibly determined to fill the gap the best I could! Ryan came with me (God always knows just what we need in the moment we need it!) and knocked it out of the park- he declared them siblings for the day and himself the big brother. It also didn’t hurt that he truly believes himself to be Mexican and was not uncomfortable even a smidge. I saw a love pour out of him that I haven’t seen before. A blessing in a hard day.

Whether their mom had passed away or she has made choices that lead her to be absent, the pain is the same. They are asked to make a card, learn a song or any number of other things and there isn’t a mom to give them to. That spot is empty. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best choice to fill it, but despite my lack, God called me to step in. 

Through every game & activity I prayed that God’s love would shine through, that he would be enough for that sweet little girl, for every Mother’s Day and for always!

I’ve realized there is no true job description of what we are doing. Every day is different and you never know what you will be asked to do. Sometimes the job brings extreme joy and other times, after office hours you go home and cry. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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